Bus Timing for the Famagusta -Nicosia Route


Daily bus services available through on the year. Services timings vary between 15 to 30 minutes depending on the customer size or availability. One bus runs for each trip.


For Information and Reservation             0090 (0)392 366 6347




Bus Timing for the Famagusta - Kyrenia  Route


Daily timed Bus Service available through on the years. Our Buses available every each hour. Famagusta - Kyrenia route buses  serving started each half hours          (eg. at 7:30).  Kyrenia - Famagusta route buses  serving started begining each   hours  (eg.at 8:00).



For Information and Reservation             0090 (0)392 366 4313






Our agents and tourist groups are .... Our most confortable viechles and experienced personnel provide their best services for 24 hours. Our services provide arranged tours transfers and multipurpose tours which can be read on the Tur - Transfer page for detailed information.



For Information and Reservation      0090 (0)392 366 4313






Our confortable automobiles are available for countries tour organization as well as for other different organization such as schools, clubs, companies and other foundations.



For Information and Reservation    0090 (0)392 366 4313






For a 9 years we have been providing reliable and quality services based on all petrolium products. With our renewed equipments and containes we  provide the best quality services.

For Information and Reservation                                  0090 (0)392 366 9452

                                          FAKS                                   0090 (0)392 366 0811